How to earn money from mobile applications?

Make money with your mobile apps. Monetize your apps with AdMob. Make money with In-app purchases.
Make money from your apps. Monetize your mobile apps with AdMob, Facebook Audience, Unity Ads, moPub, AppLovin,

Mobile app developers or those who own mobile apps can make money from their apps. In this article, I will share with you three ways to make money with your mobile apps. Read the article to the end ⬎

  ๐Ÿ“‹ Quick Sections
  1. Top 5 mobile app monetization platforms
  2. Adding ready ads to your app
  3. Getting ads on your app
  4. In app purchase and subscription systems
  5. Summary

There are three ways. The first way is adding ads to your application, the second way is by placing ads in your application, and the third way is creating paid or subscription systems, in-app purchase systems.

Top 5 mobile app monetization platforms

  1. Google AdMob
  2. Google AdMob is Google mobile advertising services that allows publishers to make money with their apps by placing the ads on their apps.

  3. Meta Audience (Facebook Audience)
  4. Meta Audience Network formerly known as Facebook Audience Network is mobile app advertising service that allows publishers to make money with their apps by placing the ads on the apps. It is like AdMob but this this service is from Facebook.

  5. Unity Ads
  6. Unity ads allow game developers to monetize their gaming apps. It is fantastic to monetize gaming apps. If you have more downloads on Google Play or App Store, you can make $1500+ in a month. Although it depends on how game developer implement ad units.

  7. MoPub
  8. MoPub is another mobile apps monetization company. You can monetize your apps with MoPub mobile app monetization service.

  9. AppLovin
  10. AppLovin is an amazing solution for maximizing revenue with your mobile apps. It allows app developers to monetize the apps and generate high revenue.

1- Adding ready ads to your app

These are the ads that the advertising companies have added to your application, opened at the bottom of the pages (banners) or opened in full screen, or placed between the articles you read. You can add it to your application by using the advertising services of the companies. You open an account with these companies and your money accumulates as your ads are watched. I'm speaking for Google Admob: They transfer your money to your account on the 21st of every month. Some advertising companies send your money if it is over a certain amount.

Users visit these sites and watch product advertisements. They get money or points for each view after watching. Of course, there are many alternatives to earn money by watching advertisements. These are usually; They are sites with logic such as earn money by watching youtube ads, watch ads on netflix, earn money by clicking google ads.

2- Getting ads on your app

This is a broad topic. Let me explain briefly with an example. Let's say you have developed an application on learning English. Let's say you have 50-100K users. An English-language educational institution may come and ask you to show the advertisement of X educational institution within your application to your users. You can accept this for a fee and earn money by making the direct advertising deal yourself.

3- In-app purchase and subscription systems

These methods are done through application stores. If you install a paid or in-app purchase app in app stores, you earn money as your app is purchased in the stores. Of course, it is useful to make a footnote here, about 30% of the purchases made by the stores in return for service. In addition, money is not sent here until it exceeds a certain amount. The Apple store requires you to earn $150 to send you the money, excluding deductions.

To sum up, let me proceed by correcting some incorrect information;

Making money by watching videos became very popular in 2021. People spent most of their time in front of the screen during their stay at home. As a result, apps that make money by watching ads have started to become a trend. People have reached the goal of making money by just watching ads on the internet from where they live .

  1. There is no gain in the number of downloads of the application or being at the top of the categories in the store. Stores don't pay you for downloading too many.
  2. Making money is based on advertising and purchasing processes in app stores.

I would like to give you some advice on this matter. Don't develop apps or get hyped to make money. Developing applications with a high user experience that will make a good application and solve the problem, make people have a good time or learn. If you succeed in this, the model I mentioned above will already be on your agenda at that time.

I hope this article answered your questions. Of course, let me state it again, I share the right approach in my opinion. If you have any suggestions & advice, you can express your opinion without hesitation.

๐Ÿ’ก Quick Summary:

  1. There are three ways to make money with your own mobile apps. 1. Use ready ads to make money; 2. Monetize your app with Google Admob, Facebook Audience, or Unity.