How Do I Make Money From My Site?

When you finish reading this article, “how to make money from website?” You will find the full answer to the question and you will learn alternative m

When you finish reading this article, “how to make money from a website?” You will find the full answer to the question and you will learn alternative methods of making money on your website.

  • Be Realistic If You Want To Make Money Online
  • How To Make Money From Website?
    • 2.1 1. Making Money With Google Adsense
    • 2.2 2. Monetization with Google Adsense Alternative Ad Networks
    • 2.3 3. Selling Advertising Space to Customers Who Want to Advertise
    • 2.4 4. Making Money With Affiliate Marketing
    • 2.5 5. Fundraising From Your Site
    • 2.6 6. Making Money by Selling Products and Services on the Site
    • 2.7 7. Making Money by Posting White Papers and Links
    • 2.8 8. Making Money By Selling Memberships On The Website
    • 2.9 9. Making Money By Publishing Discount Coupon
    • 2.10 10. Making Money by Consulting or Teaching
    • 2.11 11. Make Money by Website Trading

If You Want to Make Money Online, Be Realistic

Before we talk about ways to make money on your website, we would like to highlight a few important points. First of all, we should say that making money from the internet is not an "easy way to make money" as it is thought. On the contrary, earning an income on the Internet may be more difficult than earning an income by working in a real job. If you do not have the necessary patience and sufficient time, we recommend that you do not attempt this task.

The ways you follow to make money on the Internet may not provide income for a long time. You may have to struggle with sleepless nights as you will have to constantly learn new things and follow technological developments closely. Your social life may come to an end and you may not be able to spare enough time for your loved ones.

If you feel the strength in your body and brain to withstand all the negativities written above, you can also gain enormous wealth with the right moves. Because perhaps the only industry that really allows becoming rich from scratch is the internet.

How to Make Money From Website?

Internet technology being an indispensable part of our lives and is being used by people of all age groups; Many entrepreneurs ask “how do I make money on the internet?” seeks an answer to his question. The internet, which is used by billions of people around the world and where millions of people earn money, can also be your source of livelihood.

In this article, we will talk about ways to make money on the website. You can access our article about other ways to make money on the Internet below.

You seem determined as you continue reading the article. If so, let's start explaining the methods of making money from the website.

1. Make Money With Google Adsense

The most popular way to monetize the website is with Google Adsense monetization management. In this method, you earn money by displaying Google ads within the website you create.


This advertising model, named "PPC" by combining the initials of the words "Pay Per Click", can be translated into our language as "pay per click". In this model; With the Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) system, people who want to advertise in search engine results are also allowed to display their ads on websites contracted with Google. Every time Google clicks on ads displayed on your site, you are paid 68% of the advertiser's revenue.

If you add a Google search bar to your site (i.e., if you add a search bar that displays Google ads along with results from your site instead of the standard on-site search engine), you can earn 51% profit from revenue for each ad click on these search results.

Google Ads is the most preferred advertising brokerage company in the world by advertisers. The most important reason for this is that it provides measurable advertising services. Because Google; If the user does not click on the advertisements, it does not charge any fee from the advertiser. In this way, advertisers only pay for people who are interested in their products and services.

It is quite simple to apply for Google Adsense and add Google ads to your site. To add Google ads to your site, it is sufficient to have a web page that complies with the Adsense Program Policies. You can visit this link for Adsense Program PoliciesTo apply for Google Adsense, you can follow the registration steps on this page.

2. Making Money With Google Adsense Alternative Ad Networks

Although Google Adsense is the best program to advertise on your website with the PPC model, there are alternative companies in the market. Some alternatives also claim to pay per thousand impressions. We say “it claims” because, as a result of the tests we have done so far, unfortunately, we have not come across a company that counts the number of impressions properly.

In cases where you are banned from the Google Adsense program or your site cannot publish Google Adsense ads for any reason, you can choose the following advertising services.

  • AdvertiseStore
  • Adcash
  • adsterra
  • wordego
  • Linkwise
  • PropellerAds.
  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads.
  • Adversal.
  • Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink)
  • Skimlinks.
  • Monumetric.
  • InfoLinks.

Apart from these companies, there are dozens of services, large and small, serving in the market. We strongly recommend that you do detailed internet research about the company you are going to publish its advertisements with.

3. Selling Ad Space to Customers Who Want to Advertise

If the amounts paid by online ad networks and their working policies are not appealing to you, you can try to sell your ad spaces on your site yourself. The point you need to start for this is; is to become able to present your site visit report to advertisers through a system such as Google Analytics. Because advertisers will want to see the number of monthly visitors and demographic structure of your site.

You can send the report you have prepared (which is usually wiser by creating a guest user and providing access to the Google Analytics account) to a digital file describing your site, and deliver it to your potential customers.

You can reach people who deal with the advertising of your target companies through networks such as LinkedIn and send your promotional file. Or you can try to reach these companies via e-mail. If your site is getting serious traffic, there will be companies interested in your offers. In addition, some media buying agencies are constantly in search of new advertising channels for their customers. You can also try your luck by contacting these agencies.

If you set up your own “pay-per-click” system with software you add to your site, you can attract the attention of advertisers more quickly.

4. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

The method of making money in which it is relatively difficult to earn income on the Internet, but the income is higher, is the "Affiliate Marketing" method.

Although this method has many application styles, the most commonly used method is to direct customers to the target seller by writing a “product introduction letter”. In Affiliate Marketing, you have to describe any product with a long article, support your article with video and pictures, and finally share a link of the product seller. If the person who reaches the seller by clicking the link in your article buys your product, you can earn a serious amount of commission from the income.

The biggest problem in affiliate marketing systems is the progress payment policy of the company that implements the Affiliate Marketing system. Let's explain this problem with an example. For example, let's say you publish a promotional article about an x ​​brand camera. Users will usually come to your site by searching "x brand camera reviews", "x brand camera complaints", "x brand camera users". Since your site is not the only site that publishes an introductory article about this product, the visitor will also visit your competitor sites. If you visit a few more sites that are in the same Affiliate network as you and go to the target seller's site from all of them, it is impossible to predict exactly who made the sale. Maybe the visitor was convinced to buy the product when he viewed the content on your site, but he wanted to read a few more different reviews and made the purchase by clicking the link from the last comment he read. In this scenario, the commission is paid to the site owner, which usually comes from the link from which the purchase was made.

In some cases, the user starts researching months before purchasing the product. It reads the content on your site and decides to buy the product. But he makes the purchase a few months later. In this case, since the traffic during the purchase does not occur through your site, no commission is earned.

If you want to make money by selling products with the Affiliate Marketing system, the decision to purchase the product you are targeting must be made quickly and the competition must be below.

5. Fundraising From Your Site

Maybe you want to buy me a coffee?” You can see the question on many personal blogs and sites broadcasting from abroad. Sites that generally publish travel articles, include scientific research, public interest but do not publish advertisements for different reasons, and distribute free software; They collect donations via Paypal or different payment methods. Even though this donation culture has not yet settled in our country, they have already started to add the sentence “We need your donations to continue broadcasting” at the end of their content on local websites.

If you think that the content on your site is useful to people or that they have a pleasant time, you can request donations from your visitors with any payment system. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you follow the legislation well and get consultancy service from a lawyer so that you do not have a legal headache in this regard. Because collecting donations through your website may be prohibited by the laws of the country you live in.

6. Earning Money by Selling Products and Services on the        Site

One of the fastest ways to make money on the website is to earn money by selling products or services on your website. Those who prefer this method usually try to make money by establishing an e-commerce site. If you want to learn everything necessary to set up an e-commerce site, you can have the necessary information by reading our article below.

It is also possible to sell products on websites whose ultimate purpose is to provide information to their visitors. For example, a recipe site may sell cooking utensils or food supplies. Or cookery services can be provided on special occasions. It is possible to increase the publication subject of these examples of the site.

7. Making Money By Posting White Papers and Links

A positive increase in values ​​such as the time your site is live, content quality, sharing on social networks, and visitor experience; makes your website an authority in its field. Sites with authority in their field have low Alexa values ​​and high PA/DA values. Publishing a promotional article with a link from these sites, that is, recommending another website, allows the target site to rise in Google rankings.

Especially in webmaster blogs, the buying and selling of promotional articles are very active. If you own a site of sufficient quality to publish a promotional article and link, you can earn money from your website in these ways.

8. Making Money By Selling Memberships On The Website

Making money by creating members-only sections on your website is another revenue-generating strategy. In general, forum sites that publish match predictions, platforms that offer educational content; aim to make money by selling paid memberships.

If you think you can provide information that people will spend money on to access, this monetization model can be of great use to you.

9. Make Money By Publishing Discount Coupon

People who want to buy any product or service over the Internet search for "discount coupons" on the web. You can earn income from discounted shopping by adding links to foreign companies such as Rakuten and domestic companies such as Advantageix to your site.

These sites offer discounts at many online stores around the world. Members who registered with your link, if they shop through the links on this site, they will receive some refund on the amount of shopping they have made. You get commissions from these refunds, too.

10. Make Money by Consulting or Teaching

If you are an expert on any subject (for example, export, import, e-commerce, education, etc.), you can earn income by providing consultancy services to your audience or selling training through the website you have opened in this field. You can also easily earn money by providing training on major Digital Marketing channels such as SEO Training and Google Ads.

This income model, which is generally preferred by professional consultancy services, increases as the quality of the content on your site increases.

11. Make Money By Website Trading

We think that this must be the last point of the work. This job; we can define it as setting up a website, creating a visitor audience, and then selling this site to target customers, in other words, being a website merchant.

We can say that there are few webmasters in the world who make money by doing this job. Because creating a mass of visitors to any web page means spending serious time and money. But we must emphasize that this method is one of the most money-saving methods on the internet.

Now that you've finished reading our article, it means that you have a beginner's knowledge of ways to monetize your website. If the article convinced you, but you do not have a website yet, read our article below and "how to set up a website?" You can also find the answer to your question. You can learn everything about internet technologies by following our blog.