How to earn bitcoin without mining?

Earn bitcoin with mining
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How to earn a bitcoin without mining?

It is not easy to earn Bitcoin, that is, to earn a serious income. For this, you need to mine, which means you have to have systems consisting of multiple powerful PCs. A place where you will host these systems and many small and large details from the cooling of this space to the electrical system should also be considered.

You may remember that recently, it has become very difficult to find graphics cards in the market due to the high demands of crypto money enthusiasts, and prices have increased for a small number of cards. Well, it's a supply-demand issue after all, which put video game lovers and 3D designers in a difficult position the most. Ultimately, they also need powerful processors and powerful graphics cards.

So isn't there an easier way to do this? How to earn bitcoin? As we mentioned at the beginning, there are, but of course, it is not easy to compare the gains to be made here with the ones that can be achieved by those who create serious systems.

There is an add-on prepared for Google Chrome. Her name is Lolli. In fact, we can call it a shortened version of the lollipop. The company that prepared this add-on offers you the opportunity to earn bitcoins on your shopping by making agreements with more than a thousand different organizations. Yes, you can earn bitcoins as you shop.

Among the contracted companies are names such as Best Buy, Udemy, and McAfee. All that needs to be done is to activate the extension by installing it in Chrome. Afterward, you are informed about the digital currencies that you can earn as you shop.

And have you tried this extension?” If you ask, “No, we didn't try”, but we wanted to pass on existing shared information to you. You can make your own decision by doing research in this direction.

In the meantime, it should be noted that Lolli is currently only actively available in the United States. It will probably be available in other countries in the coming days, and even similar solutions will come from different companies. The "earn as you shop" policy was often brought to the fore by banks' credit card campaigns. Things seem to be changing a bit more now.