Real Money Games 2021: Play Earn Money

Make money by playing games
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  1. Can we really make money by playing games?
  2. Real money-making games
  3. Second life
  4. Exodus 3000
  5. PUBG
  6. League of Legends
  7. Dota2
  8. Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  9. Depth
  10. Rust
  11. H1Z1
  12. Payday 2
  13. Team Fortress 2

Many people like to play games, but only a few know how to make money playing games. YES, there are real money-making games in 2021 [2022]!

You don't need to buy a PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, or any other game console for online monetization games. All you need is a computer or smartphone, the internet, and some gaming experience.

Can we really make money by playing games?

Yes, making money online is now more fun than ever. Some pay for just playing games, some for live streaming or if you win the tournament.

A lot of people are making money playing games in 2021, and it's not a scam or a program that will make you millionaires overnight, so it will take some time, especially if you're new to it.

Real money-making games

There are plenty of games that you can play and make money from. Here are some popular games for you:

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1. Second life

If you are a passionate gamer, then you must have played The Sims at least once in your life. Second Life is very similar to The Sims, except that you can convert your in-game earnings (Linden Dollars) into real money.

Second Life deserves the top of the 2021 list of money-making games, as Chinese Anshe Chung earned a million dollars from the game.

Not everyone can achieve such success, but many people who make serious efforts make money from this game.

There are more than 3 million active players playing this money-making game right now. This site promotes real estate business (virtual real estate), creating content, selling vehicles, clothing, concerts, events or shows.

There are many ways you can earn Linden Dollars like these, and when you need real money, you can exchange this in-game currency for real money.

2. Exodus 3000

Exodus 3000 is a very ideal role-playing game for those who want to make money playing games in 2021. Build Empires, forge alliances and destroy enemies in a world where Earth is uninhabitable and humans are living on Mars.

Exodus 3000 has an in-game currency called the Martian dollar. You can get these Martian Dollars by exploring volcanoes, searching for ruins, and destroying enemies. By signing up, you will earn approximately 5,000 Martian dollars.

The great thing is you don't need to install any software to play this game. You can start playing this game right after you complete your registration.


Although it has been a few years since its release, PUBG, which is rapidly rising, is among the best money-making games (mobile). They drop you on an island to kill all opponents that come your way. If you manage to defeat the opponents, they give you various gifts (skins). Then, if you wish, you can earn money from the game by selling the rewards you have won in the steam market.

Note: Steam-based monetization video games usually offer the opportunity to earn money in this way. Various accessories, costumes, etc., called skins, that you earn in the game. You sell items to other players. Since skin is a foreign term, I chose to mention it as a gift or reward in the article.

4. League of Legends

Level up, upgrade your player character, and then sell this valuable character for money. LOL fans are willing to pay 10,000 dollars to characters with high levels.

It may sound silly to you to invest $10k in a game, but there are crazy gamers out there who will pay you. Because there are people who are very passionate about certain games. And they can even afford to starve for a high-ranking character.

5. Dota 2

Dota 2, the fifth game on our money-making games 2021 list, is a very competitive game that you can play based on Steam. You can sell them to other players by gaining various accessories that make you look different from other players in the game. In addition, lucrative tournaments are organized for the best players.

6. Counter-Strike Global Offensive

CS: GO, a great war game for action-loving gamers, ranks well-performing players. And rank-up accounts become much more valuable.

Skilled players who succeed in leveling up 8-10 can gain rank and have values ​​called Meta, which has monetary value. The most valuable commodities in monetary terms are knives. And these find buyers between $800-1500 in 2021.

In fact, every player can have these so-called meta values ​​with their own efforts, but on the condition of performing very well. Players who want to have these in a short way prefer to buy them. It is actually the commodities sold for this money that put CS: GO on the list of games that make money in 2021.

7. Depth

Would you like to earn money by playing a very different and unusual game? In this game ( Depth ) where you have to fight by entering the shark or diver character, you have to sell the prizes you have earned to earn money.

8. Rust

Rust, which requires you to survive in very difficult conditions, offers you different rewards (skin) in the game if you are successful. Then you find customers in the Steam market for these valuable prizes you have won.

9. H1Z1

H1Z1, where you have to fight against zombies, is a very competitive and action-packed game. Like all other steam-based money-making games, you can sell the rewards you earn in the game via the steam market.

10. Payday 2

A high-end computer and teamwork are required to earn money playing Payday 2. After purchasing the game on steam, you market the rewards you earn in the game on the steam market. Payday 2, which is classified as a shooter game, is extremely enjoyable, but just as difficult.

11. Team Fortress 2

It is not possible to earn money by playing individually from TF 2 as it is a full team game. If you are skilled as a team, you can earn valuable items (skins) and sell them on the steam market for more than $ 4,000. But you have to assemble a talented team that has a weakness for shooting-themed games.