How to make money from Spotify?

How to make money from Spotify
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Spotify is a popular music streaming service that most people use to create playlists, discover new music, and listen to their favorite artists. An added value offered by the service is the possibility of extra income. You heard right, you can earn extra income through Spotify. Read the article to the end ⬎

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  1. Make money with Spotify
  2. Earn Money by Creating Playlist
  3. Earn Money with the Music/Song You Create
  4. How Much Money Can Be Made With Spotify?

Make money with Spotify

Spotify offers listeners the opportunity to listen to the music they want, whenever and wherever they want, without interruption. On Spotify, you have the chance to listen not only to music, but also to the most popular podcasts. Moreover, you can easily access the system via your phone, tablet or computer.

Spotify is a global service partnering with the world's best-known brands/businesses, meaning there are billions of listeners using it. Well, what would be the financial gain of such a large platform? More importantly, what is the way to make money on Spotify?

There are two ways to make money with Spotify: You can create a playlist or earn income on Spotify thanks to your musician/artist identity, that is, your songs or music. The idea of ​​musicians making money sounds plausible, but isn't the idea of ​​making money by creating playlists surprising to you?

1. Earn Money by Creating Playlist

Spotify creates playlists based on the listening habits of individuals or the common tastes of all listeners. Although the idea of ​​making money by creating a playlist may seem surprising, it can actually be said to be a very logical source of income. You ask why? Because every artist wants to be discovered, and most of them are willing to pay for it. For this reason, it is inevitable that they need distribution and review services that will enable them to be included in their playlists. The tool that allows you to create playlists and monetize for Spotify is Playlist Push , a service that connects musicians with playlist creators . When you sign up for Playlist Push, a list of tracks from worldwide independent artists is sent to you and you are asked to evaluate these music in your list for a certain fee. For this, you need to have 400 followers on Spotify. By using the Playlist Push service, you can earn between $1 and $12 per review, depending on the type of music you choose, the size of your playlist, the number of followers, or how accurate you are.

2. Earn Money with the Music/Song You Create

As I mentioned earlier, artists or musicians can also earn significant amounts through Spotify. However, it is impossible to achieve this unless you have a high view/listen ratio we'll cover this later in our article. Thinking of streaming your music on Spotify? Then you should do research on terms of service and operation.

Go to Spotify without wasting time, scroll down to the bottom of the landing page, and you will see a section that says "Artists". This link will take you to the page you see below. You can click the "Claim Your Profile" link to start your process. Note that this page also contains other links to procedures for artists. Thanks to these links, you can upload your own music, request it to be included in playlists or reach the most listened lists, etc. You can find detailed information on the subjects. If you click on the "Claim Your Profile" link without browsing this section, you will be taken directly to a page where you can create and edit your profile, and there is no information about what you need to do in the first place.

Spotify wants to make sure that everything is proceeding in accordance with regulations. Therefore, artists require artists to deliver their music through a distributor. Although Spotify prefers Disfrocked for its distributorship service, musicians have other services such as Embanks, Record Union, AWAL, CD Baby, Tune Core etc. in addition to Disfrocked. It is also possible to work with companies.

You see, in order to get your music/song included in a popular music streaming service like Spotify, you must first create an account with one of these companies.

We also took a look at Spotify's favorite Disfrocked for you. This site promises that for a fee of $20 per year, your music will be sent to Spotify, you can keep 100% of your copyrights, the payments will be received monthly, and all this much faster than other distributors. For this $20 you will pay, you can upload unlimited albums or songs all year long.

Moreover, Disfrocked allows you to send your music not only to Spotify but also to other online music channels. Of course, refraining from mentioning these “other music channels” by name may mean that these channels won't even give a fuck about you, but we still think it won't hurt to try.

So, you also need a small amount of capital to sign up for Spotify as a musician and earn money. Before you try to upload your music to Spotify, you need to find a distributor and pay them.

3. How Much Money Can Be Made With Spotify?

The reason why we are so enthusiastic about researching Spotify and similar websites is that we are always in the mentality of pursuing a high-quality and high-quality additional income. We believe that additional income will be beneficial for everyone, and we think doing it in ways that have not been heard before can be a completely different experience. In fact, our goal is much more than just making money. We aim to help our readers break out of the box. Therefore, we are in favor of evaluating each method we mentioned with its pros and cons.

Now if we're just crooked, if you're not a musician—that is, if you don't make your own music—it's hard to say that Spotify would be the right site for you. Because in order to earn money on this site, you must have a music or podcast that you can upload. Well, if you are a musician and you want to upload your music to Spotify and make your name known to the whole world and earn additional income, what will you do?

First of all, you should not think that this is an easy system that you can solve in a jiffy. Spotify may change the copyright payment system from time to time, the same changes may also be in the operation of the system - which will affect the process of getting paid for groups or artists.

In order for you to have more information, we did a research on this subject and we reached the following statistics, which we will list below.

  1. In 2016, an independent electronic dance music company released the copyright records of the company, documenting that they were paid a total of $4,956 for their song to be featured/listened on Spotify 1,023,501 times.
  2., one of the digital music news sites, published a report in January 2018 stating that Spotify paid $0.00397 per stream.
  3. In January 2019, it was stated that this rate was $0.00437 per rest.

As you can easily understand, the amount of pay per stream is quite low. However, it is possible to earn reasonable numbers when you can get a large audience.

Making about $4,000 for a million listens doesn't sound bad at all. Of course, if we do not count the part of reaching a million listeners(!)

๐Ÿ’ก Quick Summary:

  1. Create an account on Spotify
  2. Create your own music playlist on Spotify
  3. Include the songs/musics you created to your playlist.
  4. Share your songs with your friends.