What is Digital Marketing, and why does it matter to your company?

Digital marketing is an online or internet marketing. You can promote you business online rapidly through online marketing. Social media marketing
Digital Marketing and targeted audience
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Technology is advancing at a breakneck pace, and nothing remains static. Everything is changing day by day, including our daily lives.

So how could Marketing be stagnant? It has evolved and with the tools that are now at our disposal, we have the greatest efficiency ever. Let's take things from the beginning.

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  1. Definition fo digital marketing
  2. What is traditional marketing?
  3. What changed
  4. What exactly is digital marketing?
  5. 4 Biggest advantages of digital marketing

What is the definition of marketing?

The truth is that the term "marketing" is misinterpreted in nearly every country on the planet.

You utilize marketing in your business every day and don't even realize it. Marketing is a business's concerted and organized effort to meet customers' demands by marketing its products or services.

In this manner, we figure out how to draw in new clients, assemble connections and gain faithful shoppers. Regardless of how great your item or administration is, without an unmistakable Marketing Plan, you cannot draw in clients and develop your business.

So, Marketing is fundamental to a business regardless of how huge or little it is. It is likewise a fundamental cost of a business and not something discretionary that you can skip.

What is traditional marketing

We would say that Traditional Marketing is the most recognizable form of Marketing to date.

Among the most traditional ways of Marketing are attracting customers through printed material (brochures, posters, etc.), the retransmission of advertising messages on television and radio, telephone Marketing, etc.

What changed;

Technology is growing rapidly. The tools that are now available to us make traditional Marketing less and less effective.

It is generally accepted that traditional marketing is slowly disappearing and seeing the exit door. Something more effective than ever has come to replace it.

What exactly is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is the coordinated and organized effort of a business to meet the needs of consumers by promoting its goods or services using electronic means.

Types of digital marketing

1. Content Marketing

Providing useful content to your potential customers in order to promote your goods / services.

2. Mobile Marketing

Promote via Android and IOS applications and create applications for your business.

3. Social Media Marketing

Promotion through networking channels such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

4. E-mail Marketing

Send promotional e-mails and newsletters to your potential customers.

5. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine optimization campaigns for Google, Bing, etc.

What makes Digital Marketing so effective and valuable compared to traditional Marketing is the range of information available to us and the way it approaches consumers.

The benefits of Digital Marketing are truly innumerable

The 6 biggest advantages of Digital Marketing compared to traditional

1. Targeted Audience

Targeting the audience is more than accurate. We can show an advertisement for example to Women, 26 - 45 years old, who live in the area of Alaska, have 1 child and are interested in sports items. Unbelievable eh! Using a brochure for example the targeting is more or less blind.

2. Quantifiable Results

We have truly significant data and insights. For instance, we can see what clients did when they saw your advertisement, how long they watched your video, and how long they perused your site. Which promotion was the best, which one had the most snaps, and which segment crowd was generally intriguing? And this is only the start!

3. Wide Audience

We have the ability to really target everyone. For example, do we want to advertise all over Greece the new sports shoes that you sell in your store? No problem! With a few clicks it is possible!

4. Lower Cost

The cost is significantly lower. If we consider the comparative results we see in relation to traditional Marketing then Digital Marketing is really one way.