How to make money with Honeygain?

How to earn money with Honeygain, you can only earn money for internet sharing. Start earning now. Easy way to earn passive income Start making money
Honeygain app

Do you know you can make money by sharing your internet?. It is very easy way to earn passive income by just sharing yuor internet. Start making money online in minutes with Honeygain. Install the app on your device, open a free account, sit back and watch your balance grow.

Earn without sacrificing your security

Your internet traffic is only used by trusted partners and the app itself does not provide access to your device storage. Earn without worry with Honeygain.

Make a difference by helping

Help other internet users and reputable companies just like you, your shared traffic makes it possible to stream important online transactions and geo-blocked content.

How does honeygain work?

Install the app on your devices and connect to the internet Run Honeygain Honeygain app securely shares the internet without access to personal data Your link is used to collect bits of information from the internet Help businesses Companies use these collected bits for various services.

Predict your earnings

Your earnings are estimated based on the GB of traffic you share with Honeygain's network. The more you share, the more you earn! Factors that affect how much you earn The amount you earn depends on the traffic sent to your devices. Here are the main factors that affect traffic flow. The location of your IP address is an important factor in determining your earnings. This is because some places are more valued by our partners than others. rope numbers Number of IP addresses Your earnings are largely determined by how many devices are connected to different IP addresses you have. The general rule is that the more IPs you connect to, the more you earn.


Network ping/speed Your network speed and ping also have an impact on your earnings. Best performance will be seen on networks with speeds of 50Mbps and higher and Ping less than 50ms. Find more details in our Help Desk.

How to maximize your earnings?

  • Installing and using Honeygain on multiple devices spread across multiple networks.
  • Using one device per IP address would be the most convenient way to handle the traffic.
  • Switching to a mobile network connection to spread the traffic itself
  • Using our referral program. This way, you get 10% of the earnings of all your referrals! I want to do business with Honeygain. What are the steps? First of all, go to our business page and use our Customer inquiry form. We will contact you shortly and guide you through our partner evaluation revenues.

What is current payout rate?

For the default network share, you will earn 1 credit for every 10MB of traffic passing through your devices. So you get $1 for 10GB shared. As for Content Delivery (if available in your region), you will earn 10 credits for every hour Content Delivery is "Active" and running (note that "Quad" does not count as Active).

Why was there sudden drop in earnings?

Earnings may vary from day today. If you've noticed a sharp drop within a day, don't worry. There are two reasons for the temporary drop in traffic:
1) Too many users have suddenly joined Honeygain in your area.
2) Our customers have reduced traffic demand in your area.
Honey Gain is a great app and I recommend it to everyone. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that there is not enough information about your devices in the control panel. I want your devices to show when disconnected so I can reconnect them. A Linux version would be nice too.

Last updated Dec. 21, 2021