How to Build a Website? Domain, Hosting, CMS

How to Build a Website? Domain, Hosting, CMS

How to set up a website? There are two easy options for those who are looking for the answer to the question: to set up a website with WordPress or to use a platform to set up a ready-made website!

While explaining how you can quickly become a website owner with these two options, we have included explanations to make your job easier about some terms you need to know.

Therefore, by the time you reach the end of this article, you may be closer than ever to owning a website!

Requirements to Build a Website

When you want to build a website for yourself or your business, there are two basic terms you need to know: Domain and hostingThese two important stages, which we can define as the technical structures of a website; includes specifying the name/address of your site, registering it, and renting the space where your site will be stored. After these processes, which take about 10 minutes in total, you need to install the platform called CMS, which you will use to add your content to your siteFinally, with the help of themes and plugins, it remains to give your site the functionality and appearance you want.

Anyone who does not understand web design can open a website easily and in minutes.

In summary, three basic components are enough to build a website:




Domain Name (Domain)

The domain name is the name and address of your website. This address, which is used by those trying to find your site to enter your site, is also called a domainThe annual cost of a domain name is around 100 TL on average.

If you want to open a website for your business, it is recommended that your domain name be the same as your company's name.

If you are planning to set up a personal website for yourself, you can use your first and last name as a domain name.

When registering a domain name, it's not enough to just specify a name for your website. You also need to decide on the section called the extension, such as .com / .gov / .net, which completes the address of your site.

If your target is international visitors, a “public” domain extension such as .com, .net, or .org will be appropriate. If your target is visitors living in a specific country, you should use a “local” domain extension such as .tr .de, .fr, or .ru.

So, how do you find out if the domain name you have specified has already been taken, that is, registered? For this process called domain inquiry, you can use our Domain Inquiry tool, which shows whether the domain name you want to buy is also suitable for social media accounts.

If your preferred domain name is already taken, you can try to find different combinations with new generation extensions such as .pizza, .tech, .ist, .istanbul, .cafe.

Domain selection is so important that it can have unexpected effects on the success of your website. So What is Domain? How Do We Choose the Right Domain? We recommend that you try to increase your dominance on this subject with our article.


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The technical infrastructure service that ensures that your site is accessible and always live is called hosting. hosting; It ensures that your site files are hosted on a server and your content is displayed every time your address is clicked.

Hosting all the websites you see on powerful hardware called servers is usually provided by hosting companies. For this reason, we can define hosting as renting space for your site on the server.

Hosting package or hosting plan; These are hosting solutions designed by considering the need for different server resources according to the purpose of each site.

Hosting packages; It includes email accounts specific to your domain in different quotas and server resources such as RAM, CPU, SSD Disk at different scales.

In order to decide which hosting package to choose, we highly recommend that you read our article on Web Hosting Types and Hosting Selection, where we explain all the terms you need to know.


When you register a domain and purchase a hosting package, you have prepared the technical infrastructure to open a website, but you must also decide with which tool (content management system) you will add the content to be shown to your visitors.

A content management system (CMS) is the software used to prepare the content of a website. Detailed information about CMSs that help you create and manage your website. What is Content Management System (CMS)? You can find it in our article.

There are many CMSs available, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, Magento, Opencart, and ready-made website builders. Let's quickly explain which ones offer greater convenience in website management:

The most recommended ways to create a website without knowing to code: Using a site builder or creating a site with a CMS like WordPress.

Site Builders

Site builders are site-building solutions that appeal more to those who want a "ready website". They consist of templates that you can place elements such as buttons, text boxes, images on your pages by the drag-and-drop method.

One of the ready-made website builders is Site Kur, which is the content management system offered by Turhost for anyone who does not know coding to make rapid progress in creating a site.