Top 3 Best Web Hosting Services for WordPress In 2021

Top 3 best web hosting for wordpress in 2021

The thing that matters most to me when I help a client to start or restructure their website is that it starts from a solid foundation.

This means that the first thing to do is to find the best WordPress hosting absolutely for your needs.

I reflected on the fact that each of our readers has different needs and it is not possible to establish “The” best WordPress hosting ever.

I, therefore, tried to understand what the needs were common to all and then observed which hosting services could also offer something more specific.

Many users often ask me questions about hosting with WordPress for free, or otherwise seek advice to choose a cheap hosting.

Others, on the other hand, especially need fast hosting.

Still, others are just trying to clarify the jungle of the many hosting for WordPress they found on the web.

For this reason, I tested 23 different hosting companies (Italian and foreign) to understand which ones were really the most valid.

It wasn't easy at all, I admit.

It cost me time, money, and effort.

It was still very interesting research because I realized how misleading advertising can sometimes be.

For example, very famous hosting services turned out to be rather unsuitable for creating a fast and performing website.

On the contrary, a cheap hosting that I thought could not guarantee great performances, turned out instead to be complete with all the services necessary for those who start from scratch with the creation of their WordPress site, with everything you need to grow.

So here's how my research went.

First I focused on WordPress hosting best known internationally.

Then I moved on to test the Italian WordPress hosting.

And here is the result (the ranking) of my tests:

The best WordPress hosting selected by (me) SOS WP

Here is the  best WordPress hosting that I have selected.

All my analyzes, my tests, and my considerations led to this final list.

To make a quick comparison, you can consult the practical tables inserted below each description.

1. Bluehost

Historic worldwide WordPress hosting company, recommended by WordPress itself, with bargain prices only if you buy it for 3 years (otherwise forget it!)

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Perhaps the most famous in the world could not be missing from my list of the best WordPress hosting:  Bluehost.

Besides, it's also recommended by WordPress.

Great performance, great plans, complete with all the features you might need, both on performance and security.

I recommend it if:

  • you intend to buy for at least 3 years (otherwise it is not convenient);
  • you do not need domain (because the free domain offer is not available);
  • you can communicate well in English (the support is not in Italian);
  • you intend to create an eCommerce (there is a dedicated plan that offers a payment gateway, that is, a secure system for processing credit card transactions).

Learn more about BlueHost

I consulted the tests carried on Bluehost and I had confirmation of what I thought about performance.

The results say that a 660KB page loads in 1.24 seconds.

"And what it means? Is it slow or fast? "

Well, you see: it performed better than 85% of the websites tested on Pingdom.

Also, as the number of visitors increased, the loading times remained the same.

2. SiteGround

The market leader accredited by WordPress itself

Without going around it too much: SiteGround is definitely one of the best WordPress hosting in the world.

On the other hand, if the WordPress Foundation has included it among the top hosting for its CMS, there must be a reason!

And I'll tell you more ... I saw it with my own eyes.

When I switched to SiteGround, the visitors on SOS WP went from 30,000 per month to 150,000 without investments in advertising.

Quintupled visitors!

The keys to SiteGround's success are 3:

  • Quality of service;
  • High performance;
  • Excellent support, even in Italian.

Founded in 2004, SiteGround has come a long way: now it hosts over 2 million domains on its servers!

How much does it cost, you ask me?

Much less than you think.

It starts from 3.99 € per month (StartUp plan) and has different offers depending on your needs.

This interface is very neat and everything you need is easily found.

In many user areas, it is quite difficult to understand where to find certain settings, while here it is all divided into practical categories, in a very neat way.

Another hosting has made me desperate to even figure out how to create a subdomain.

Here, however, the graphics are intuitive and the procedures are simplified to help you configure your webspace even if you are not a great server management expert.

Want to learn more about SiteGround first? Ok!

Let's talk about the services it offers ...

For one thing, if this is your first time dealing with WordPress, SiteGround's plans have Pre-installed WordPress.

And a thought you have already taken it away!

The second thing is that many services are already included in the price.

All plans have:

  • SSL certificate (i.e. your site will be protected in case of online payments and user data is safe);
  • Your site is automatically backed up every day (so even if you make a big disaster you can still recover your site);
  • The domain is free for the first year.

These services are not always offered for free by all hosting companies.

Although these are extremely essential services for any website, even the smallest, many others charge you for them separately.

And SiteGround does even more: in your WordPress installation you will find a plugin called WordPress Starter.

What's this? Let's have lunch?

No, but it will configure the site for you semi-automatically.

Just select the features you need and he will do the rest.

Basically, it will help you choose the theme and the main plugins to install, so in a few minutes, you will have your site ready to be populated with your content.

So, to recap: buy SiteGround and in 5 minutes you will have a site completely READY to be used and customized.

Not bad!

What about if you already have a website but your old hosting doesn't satisfy you?

Contact SiteGround and their technician will take care of moving your entire site from there to here.

What if I have an eCommerce?

Great question, because if you are looking for one of the best WordPress hosting for eCommerce, SiteGround is definitely the best choice.

Did you know that there is a very specific standard on the protection of online payments?

It is called PCI and each website is examined by a special body that verifies its safety.

Here, now that you know, also know that SiteGround is already ready to pass this exam.

Check out this video I made on how to install WordPress.

Here I show you how the SiteGround control panel works and how to register a free domain.

I wanted to write a detailed review on this site

And here is a useful times table!

3. Server plan

A great company with competitive plans and over 1800 positive reviews on Trustpilot

Do you want to enhance the made in Italy and you are looking for Italian WordPress hosting?

You are satisfied, with a very high-quality service.

The server plan focuses on state-of-the-art equipment, highly specialized staff, super quality for both safety and performance.

If you stick to their plans, you will be tempted by the Starterkit, for only € 24 per year.


Do you want to find yourself having to install WordPress yourself?

Only have 5 email addresses?

One database?

I would say better not!

The Startup plan is much better.

It offers everything you might need, starting with automatic WordPress installation.

You will also have 50 email addresses, 10GB of space (i.e. you can upload lots of images and multimedia files in complete peace of mind), and if you switch from another hosting provider, they'll migrate you.

The panel from which to manage your space is cPanel, but these Italians wanted to overdo it, improving the graphics and making it even easier to use.

And finally, the domain is free for one year.

"But only one? Then it doesn't suit me, I have many ... "

Wait, stay there, don't go away!

Evaluate the Reseller hosting plan.

You can register as many domains as you want to start from € 25 per month.

Server plan, other useful information on this hosting

Sometimes there are customers who only need the domain.

They don't intend to create a website, but they want to use a professional email address with a custom domain.

In this case, I strongly recommend that you contact the Server plan!

In fact, you can register a domain and then combine all the email addresses you want.