Top 10 websites to make money online in 2022

top 10 websites to make money online from home in 2022

The Internet has become a sea of great opportunities for those who want to earn money by working from where they sit, especially in recent years during the pandemic. Whether you are looking for part-time work to earn income online or full-time to make money, you will find the websites in this article very useful. Read the article to the end ⬎

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  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. Freelancer
  4. Craiglist
  5. Amazon Associate
  6. Amazon Kindle
  7. YouTube
  8. Udemy
  9. Twitch
  10. ShutterStock

1. Upwork - Freelance marketplace
From Upwork

Upwork is the largest legitimate job market on the internet. The interface of Upwork is very simple. At Upwork, you can find any job from writer to translator, from web design to programming. On the site where employers share the job to be done, all job seekers have to do is make an offer for the job or send a proposal for the project posted by the clients on Upwork.

Whatever amount you want to win; your options are almost limitless. Registered users can earn between $1000 and $100,000 per year. Upwork is a bit crowded. To become successful in a freelance business you must spend your day and night on building your portfolio. Bear in mind that your portfolio gets you awarded a project. When the freelancers bid on the project, the client hires the only one for the project whose portfolio and experience are excellent.

So, I recommend you to build up your portfolio first then jump on Upwork and start winning the projects and deliver quality work to your clients.

2. Fiverr - Freelance marketplace
From Fiverr

Fiverr is another freelance marketplace just like Upwork but it is a bit different from other marketplaces. Here at Fiverr, you create your gigs (services) with beautiful thumbnails and detailed service descriptions. Clients on Fiverr searches for gigs and choose the best service and communication to the freelancer for project details and finally place the order. The minimum amount payable for any service is $5 per hour. Job seekers enroll by listing the services they can offer, and an employer reviews profiles and offers the ones they find suitable.

Payment security is also top-notch. Payments are collected by Fiverr before the work is done, so you do not have the chance to be defrauded. Although the minimum price and payment guarantee make Fiverr very attractive, it is not easy to earn a regular income from this site. Because Fiverr is a very competitive platform.

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3. - Freelance marketplace
From Freelancer is another popular freelance marketplace. In, you can level up depending on your skills and experience, jobs are also given according to the level you have reached. At the same time, it is one of the platforms where business diversity and flow is abundant.

The downside of Freelancer is that you don't have a chance to use it for free. You may have to pay the site to reach certain levels and get more jobs. The paid plan has more features and it increases the value of your profile and looks more professional. Thus you get more chance of getting awarded the project.

4. Craiglist


Craiglist is a platform where you can find ads on almost any topic. There are also loads of jobs for those who want towork from home in Craiglist. A great starter site to gain some experience and earn money. Of course, the site is not without its shortcomings. Getting paid for the work you do isn't always easy. Sometimes you may have to chase after your job.

5. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

A good opportunity for those who already have a blog or website. All you have to do is direct your visitors to Amazon by placing Amazon links and ads on your site. When visitors reach Amazon with this referral, you are paid a commission ranging from 1% to 12%. While less commission is obtained from electronic devices such as phones and televisions, shopping for accessories such as jewelry and watches can earn you a higher commission.

Your earnings through Amazon Associates depend entirely on the popularity of your site and the way you place links. If you fill the entire page with advertisements or place unrelated links to your content, your chances of directing your visitors will decrease significantly.

6. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Direct Publishing, which is owned by Amazon's e-book initiative Kindle does not appeal to everyone but gives an important chance to creative minds who want to be writers. Instead of convincing a publishing house to publish your e-Book, you simply upload your work as an e-book to the site. If your book finds a buyer, Amazon pays you a dividend of up to 70%. You may find your chance of being discovered in this way low, but it should be noted that the Fifty Shades of Grey series, which is now known all over the world, reached its first readers in this way.

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7. YouTube

Everyone watches videos in YouTube. YouTube is the most popular video streaming site in the world. If you want to make money on YouTube; you need to create a YouTube channel that is free and upload the videos to your channel. Making YouTube videos is now a popular occupation. Although it is a very profitable business in the long run, it is necessary to work hard and constantly produce original content in order to earn money on YouTube.

Sharing the advertising revenues of the most-watched videos with the users, YouTube can pay a fortune to the owner of a channel that has a lot of subscribers and every video is watched, while it is very possible to earn an extra income with an average channel.

At YouTube, you make money by monetizing your channel. YouTube runs ads on your videos and shares the ad revenue with you.

8. Udemy
From Udemy

Udemy is one of the largest online education websites in the world. The inability of the traditional education system to adapt to today's rapid changes has brought the importance of online education to light. Most of the information we learn in school is either outdated or changed by the time we graduate. This necessitates adopting lifelong learning for us to be successful in our field.

Online education sites such as Udemy also hold great treasures for those who want to improve themselves in their field or acquire skills in different fields.

If you think that you are an expert in a field and that your knowledge will be requested by others, you can create your own course by becoming a member of Udemy. When you become a member of this site and prepare a training video, you can have an income that you will continue to earn throughout your life.

Because the number of people who can buy the same course is unlimited. Bear in mind that it is free to create courses as many as you want.

9. Twitch


Everyone plays video games these days. Who doesn’t? If you are a gamer and love to play games and make money by playing. Then twitch is for you.

Twitch is a live streaming site for gamers. The website allows gamers to stream live their gameplay. Twitch has 5 million publishers, and 22 million people daily visitors. If you want to turn your hobby into income, Twitch may be the site you are looking for. Moreover, you do not need to be a professional gamer.

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10. Shutterstock

From Shutterstock

If you have some interest in taking photos, how about turning it into income?

Taking photos and making money has become easier than ever before. Thanks to stock photography, you can upload your photos and sell them easily. Moreover, you can sell the same photo to unlimited people and earn a lifetime income from a single photo.

If you're wondering who is buying these photos, let me tell you right away: Websites, magazines and all media buy these photos to use in their publications and articles. In 2023, this sector is expected to reach a volume of 4 billion dollars. You too can get your share of this big cake, albeit a small one.